Youth Ministry

JOvenes Con Un Proposito (JOCUP), translated Youth With A Purpose, is the original name under which Proclaim Cuba operated from 1991 to 2014.  The name, JOCUP, represented the origins of the ministry as a youth movement.  As the organization grew and diversified into many areas of ministry, the name was changed to reflect our broader vision.

Today, JOCUP is the ministry area of Proclaim Cuba dedicated to youth in Cuba.  Our vision is to reach the next generation for Christ and call them to humbleness of character, a heart that conforms to the image of Christ, and not giving in to the temptations of this world.  To this end, we have employed a “whatever it takes” approach.

In the last year JOCUP has been reinvented yet again, based on the reality that today’s youth has a unique set of challenges,  We have incorporated new strategies and ways of doing ministry to confront these challenges.  While our methods have changed, the message remains true to our original vision from 1991.  Our vision, to reach Cuba and the nations for Christ, has remained our singular focus and the basis for all we do.  We are part of God’s perfect plan and always seek to plug into what He is doing.

Our current ministry strategies include:

  • Art with a Purpose
  • University conferences
  • Evangelistic Crusades
  • Leadership training
  • Youth camps
  • Partnership with other youth ministries

 If you share our desire to reach Cuba’s youth for Christ, please share that dream with us and contact us for more information.