The vision for the Victor Legra Theological Seminary came in 1991.  In those early days, classes were held underneath the trees, and notebooks were pieced together from recycled fragments of paper.  Nonetheless, the goal has always been to reach Cuba with sound Christian doctrine and equip leaders to impart high quality Biblical teaching.

Traditional seminary teaching in Cuba removes the student from his or her home church to a distant location for an extended period of time, resulting in a vacuum of leadership and workers at the home church.  The Victor Legra Seminary has taken a different approach to seminary education.  Today, over 23 years since its founding, the seminary has thirteen teaching sites scattered through out Cuba, including several in remote locations.  Seminary professors travel to each location on a regular rotating basis, providing materials, lectures and examinations.  The seminary has held 16 graduation ceremonies and graduated over 7,825 students from Cuba and other nations in its various programs.  This includes alumni from 31 different denominations.  Current enrollment stands at 1740 students.

The seminary offers the following programs of study:

  • Certificate programs in specific areas of ministry, such as prayer and worship ministry.
  • Basic studies in Bible and theology
  • Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in theology

Currently the seminary is developing videoconferencing as a way of expanding and facilitating our educational opportunities.  In addition, the seminary is developing doctoral programs in ministry and theology.