In 1992, I was serving as the pastor of a church in the Province of Granma. Impassioned by the vision of planting new churches, my wife, Soledad, and I visited a small village called Limoncito. Exhausted from our long walk, about 17km, we stopped at a very humble and small house.  A woman greeted us and invited us in.  In a corner of the small living room, a little girl was lying in a bed.  At that time, the girl was a mere 8 years old.  I was shocked to see that she had a severe birth defect and was missing both legs.  My heart was moved as I wondered what future this poor little girl could have in this place.  “What is your name?”, I asked.  “Yulaicy”, she responded.  I could see a cry for help in her eyes.  After sharing Jesus’ love with Yulaicy and her mother, I understood that the most difficult thing for her to  comprehend was that God could love someone like her.  I looked into her eyes and said, “There is hope.”  “God has plans for you.  Here, take this New Testament.”  I then wrote a dedication in that Bible which read, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.  “How will I do that?”, she asked. I responded, “I don’t know, but you will do it!”

Fast forward twenty years.  Yulaicy and her husband, Roberto, accepted the call to be pastors in 2012.  Motivated by the words I had written in that now worn testament, they started a mission in a small, difficult, and inhospitable village on the outskirts of their town.  A few years later, they joined the missions team of Empowering the Nations.

A few months ago, we decided to film a documentary of this couple and their mission field.  We wanted to document their daily lives, showing how they so faithfully accomplish the work of the ministry despite significant physical limitations and difficult living conditions. They are passionate servants of God, shining examples to all who teach and preach the Word. 

The documentary was published on October 13, 2015. A facebook page called "Honduras para el mundo" shared it on October 24. 

As of November 19, 2015:


Can it be true?  In just 26 days, Yulaicy had shared, through her example, with over 3.4 million people!  Many doubted the words I wrote in that New Testament, that a crippled 8 -year- old would preach the Gospel to all the earth.  But that is just what God did.  In less than a month period, Yulaicy and Roberto had influenced the entire world.  In Mark 16:14-15, Jesus said, “Later, He appeared to the Eleven themselves as they were reclining at the table. He rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe those who saw Him after He had been resurrected."  Then he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”

I have lived my entire life in a country where we are told that God does not exist; where families and hearts are severely wounded; where the dreams of a nation are destroyed.  When thinking about this, it is easy to lose heart and want to give up the fight.  But we have learned to focus on God’s glory rather than those things that limit us. It is through this that love overcomes hate. 

If the love of God can help Yulaicy, without legs, to fulfill the purpose for which she was created, imagine what He can make happen with you today? 

Is God in your plans?

Pastor Carlos Alamino
ELNAC President