24th Anniversary!

Original picture from 1991.

Comments from the President to the ELNAC team on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the ministry.

Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers in God’s Calling,
God has faithfully allowed us to reach 24 years in ministry, to God be the glory!  On a day like today, 15 children met under a tree and began studying the Bible and believing that God would fulfill His promises.  Today, 24 years later, we are a network of ministries that makes disciples through out Cuba and the nations.
Congratulations, ELNAC team!  Each day, through your faithfulness, love and joy, you continue the mission that Christ gave us, that is, to make disciples of all nations!  Each one of you is a member of God’s army, extending His kingdom.  The road has not been easy.  Looking back at these 24 years I ask myself, “Who are we that God should have prepared our lives and used us to extend His glory?”.  We are chosen and compelled to continue the work.  The future will be better than the past, but it will not necessarily be different in battles and difficulties.  We will have to be more unified and committed than ever before.  We cannot rest on past successes.  We cannot take our eyes off of the goal.  Yes, the past 24 years have been difficult, as will be the next 24 and so on until Christ’s return.  But, God is taking us to new heights for His Glory!
I believe that the challenges ahead will be different from the past in the sense that we must learn and adopt a new paradigm where ego and centralism cease to exist, where self is sacrificed to continue doing the work.  Be careful that, having reached your goals, you forget where you came from. Our success is in remaining unified, trusting in God, being humble and putting others before ourselves.  It is in saying “yes” to God in the midst of difficulties and doing what He calls us to do.  It is in saying, “I will serve You, Lord, for Your glory and not for mine.”  It is in living committed to His kingdom.  It is being a child of God.
If God has blessed you then do not let yourself be governed by thoughts that place doubt in your mind.  Always think and speak about the eternal.  Don’t exchange a lifetime of service to God for one day of personal glory.  Don’t seek to create your personal kingdom.  God’s kingdom is enough!  Don’t give the glory to personal accomplishments, but to God.  It is better to submit than to rebel, better to die than to fight against God.
Finally, let us not forget the sacrifices of many who are no longer with us.  Who we are today is due, in large part, to their sacrifices, perseverance, faith and love.  These friends accomplished so much with so little.  Today, I respectfully honor their memories.
Thank you for loving our family, for supporting us and defending us.  Thank you for allowing yourselves to be led and for being our friends.  I pray that God will prepare each heart as He is preparing mine.  I continue to believe and dream as I did in 1991.  Today, I do so on a foundation built by so many of you, God’s hands extended.
God is Faithful!
Psalm 8
We love you!
Pastor Carlos and Soledad Alamino