Cat 5 Hurricane Irma hit Cuba

On September 8, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Cuba making it the first category 5 hurricane to hit the islands since 1924. Cuba now faces the devastation left in the wake of the largest Atlantic storm ever recorded.

Irma brought unprecedented flooding to the towns and villages of the islands leaving many people scattered from their homes with no resources to rebuild or even supplies to survive. With over 2.1 million people affected, and ten confirmed dead, Cuba desperately needs your help.

Proclaim Cuba has created a fund to provide resources directly to storm victims. 100% of the funds collected are dedicated to food, shelter, and the rebuilding efforts of the island. Unlike the U.S., Cuba lacks government agencies to assist in disaster relief efforts. Therefore, we rely completely upon our network of local churches, volunteers, and donors to maximize our impact and our resources.

 We have two main goals. First, to represent Christ as we build and restore. Second, to build relationships that will translate to gospel conversations in the future.

Will you join us?