WELL Conference

Proclaim Cuba held the Second Annual National WELL Conference on January 10–January 12. 

An unprecedented 700 women gathered to worship, pray and learn from the Word of God. Proclaiming the truth of the conference, theme: Sin Miedo (No Fear), the women were empowered by teaching on the Armor of God, inspired to be still, knowing that God is working, even in the waiting, and encouraged by practical tools to help weather the storms of depression and anxiety.

Through Proclaim Cuba’s partnership with two ministries, the Cuban women were trained and equipped with Hope For the Heart’s Biblical Counseling Keys and Josh McDowell’s book, More than a Carpenter.

On the last afternoon of the conference, a makeup tutorial was held, as a fun way to end our time there! A raffle was taken for two bags of makeup, and a makeover for the two winners. The first ticket was drawn, and the winning number was read. A woman hesitantly stood, and as she made her way to the front, she began to sob. At first, her tears were perceived as excitement, and while that was correct to some degree, when asked about her tears, the response was shocking. “I’ve never won anything before, I just couldn’t believe that I was the winner”, she said. Wow! In that moment, the name of the women’s ministry, WELL, the E standing for empowerment, rang true. This raffle, while originally intended as just a fun way to get people excited about the last session, became a tool for the Lord to show up and empower this woman to go back to her community with the confidence of a winner. This moment was an important reminder to us of what this ministry is all about. God always shows up!

The testimonies from the conference continue to pour in from both the Cuba and American women who attended. Below are just a few of the stories!


“I thank God for all grace for allowing me to participate in this great event of ladies from all over Cuba, in Holguin, for giving me the word of revelation and freeing myself from many fears. The last night I was freed from a personal struggle. For 18 years I was contending with God for the death of my young husband. That night I was broken and healed of resentment against my God, and I could only give thanks, from the depths of my heart, for receiving a supernatural peace that in 18 years I had never experienced in that area of my life, making me feel like I am a child of God. Thank you very much for everything we have experienced in this congress. There is gratitude in my heart and in that of the women of my congregation.” -Zenaida 

“My trips to Cuba have changed my life, emboldened me in sharing my faith, in speaking at conferences, led me to a stronger prayer life, and given me renewed joy, not to mention a new family! Cubans are such relational people, easy to bond with despite language differences.” -Lori

“I give thanks to God and to the ladies ministry for this beautiful congress held in the city of Holguin this past 10-13 of January, 2019. I am thankful for the theme because it is one of the biggest problems for the Cuban woman who lives full of great fears, such as marriage, children, the economy and illness. For me, personally, the struggle was in how to be successful in counseling to free them from fears. But, this great congress has been the response of God. I give thanks for all the team, from the ministry of intercession to those who served with such excellence. EVERYTHING was in order, love and passion… We thank God for this beautiful dream come true that will change the destiny of the women who lived this great experience. We will no longer walk ragged and fearful because it is clear that "We are daughters of God". Pastor and all those who in one way or another through this congress changed our lives, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for existing. We love you.” -Yudelsis

“He showed me what my purpose is. Spreading his message to the world.” -Tori

“God showed me that cultures around the world are all different, but there are basic problems and needs that we all share and people are hungry for the message of hope and the good news of the Gospel.” -Sharon

“Dios te bendiga mucho,” Pastor! This event was a very special gift from God to be able to face new goals and purpose for the service of God with the women in our church and community. Greetings and blessings!”

“Proclaim Cuba is an amazing ministry, amazing experiences, and amazing people!” -Claire

“Pastor, God bless you very much!  All the women of my church had wonderful experiences that changed our lives.  We learned how to free ourselves from fears in the midst of storms; we learned how to lead in counseling; and now we want to share with others.” -Marianela 

If you want a fulfilling experience, most mission trips would satisfy that desire, but if you want something more, a ministry to invest your life into, then Proclaim Cuba is the one for you.

This mission isn’t one of just going, giving, and leaving. Rather, this is a relationship-building ministry. Cuba isn’t a place where you go once; it’s a place where you become adopted into a family rooted in the faith of the Lord. Returning every year, while a commitment, feels like going to a family reunion. The outstretched arms, the kisses, and the meals prepared for your homecoming, all are tokens of familial love from the people of this beautiful country to you. So, after you come and see what we’re talking about, we know you too will proclaim the things you’ve seen.

Have the courage, come to Cuba!