An Event that Lasts a Lifetime

Summertime is an exciting and favorite time of year for many people, especially children. Having a break from school is more than reason enough to celebrate and enjoy the adventures of summer. During those hot summer months, Proclaim Cuba works with thousands of children through Vacation Bible School (VBS) providing games, food, activities and other fun opportunities to present the Gospel to children of all ages. In 2018, over 17,000 children attended VBS and 3,461 received Christ!

Proclaim Cuba is working today to provide VBS to over 20,000 children in 2019. Children who are taken out of their challenging environments of poverty, abandonment and witchcraft to hear about Jesus and his love for them. This special event is one that lasts a lifetime in the impressionable hearts and minds of the children who attend. Their memories help secure the Bible truths they’ve learned to guide them in their daily lives as they grow in their young faith. Their families also hear what they learned at VBS and multiple generations are reached and impacted with the message of the Gospel.

Your gift TODAY will help us deliver VBS to over 20,000 children across Cuba in 2019. Your support of $150 will send 35 children to VBS, planting the seed that will mature in God’s time. The children will enjoy the games and the fun, but most importantly, they will also know forever the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Some will even become leaders and teachers themselves to proclaim the Good News to the next generation. What an incredible and beautiful ministry opportunity.

Proverbs 22 assures us to “train up a child in the way he should go and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Will you help us today to show the love of Christ to the children of Cuba? Their impact could change the world for Christ.

Lives Devoted to Christ

The impact of ONE church, of ONE pastor in Cuba is far, far reaching. There is no greater example of this than the lives of Yulaicy and Roberto. 

Yulaicy met Pastor Carlos as a child of only eight years old when Pastor Carlos learned that Yulaicy had a severe birth defect that left her with no legs. Pastor Carlos described what he saw as a cry for help in her eyes and he shared the news of Jesus and his love with Yulaicy and her mother. He trusted that God would help her understand what had been impossible for her to understand up to that point in her young life: that God could and did love her and that he would use her for his glory and purpose. A bible was left behind for her with the words, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” No one knew how or when this mission would be fulfilled, but the faith of one pastor was shared with a future pastor for future generations.

Twenty years later, Yulaicy and Roberto accepted the call to be pastors in 2012. 

Motivated by the seemingly chance meeting with Pastor Carlos twenty years earlier, the seed that was planted with Yulaicy had taken root. This couple with a powerful testimony for God and complete reliance on him began a small mission in a very difficult area of the country. They continue to accomplish the work of the ministry today despite significant physical challenges and living conditions. They are passionate servants of God, shining examples of all who teach and preach the Word of God. 

Your support helps us financially support pastors like Yulaicy and Roberto on just $50 a month. It is not easy work, but their focus, along with the focus of our other pastors in Cuba, remains on the Lord rather than the challenges and hardship life in Cuba brings. 

Your support of just $50 a month supports one pastor’s work in their own village to continue proclaiming the good news of Christ. Please help us with your support Yulaicy and Roberto and our 65 Proclaim Cuba pastors today.

What an encouragement it would be to know their salaries
have been committed for 2019.