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Baby Formula - Nov. 9-14 2023 Trip

After our recent trip to Santiago de Cuba, Pastor Yoleisy, along with help from children from his church, was able to distribute the formula and baby food to some very needy families. Here is what Yoleisy shared:
"When we think about distributing food for children, we consider those from extremely needy families. Initially, we were aware of 2 or 3 such families, but it wasn't enough to distribute the purees and milk we had available. It was only after the 'Happy Hour' event for children at our church that we decided to inquire. We asked the attending children if they knew of any small children lacking resources, and they promptly responded, 'Yes, sir, we are going to take her and help her.' And so, we got started...

This mother has two children. She used to live in a wooden house in very poor condition. A few years ago, the state relocated her to live with her family, where she resides now. One of her children is breastfeeding, but her breasts are not producing enough milk, and as a result, the child has been losing weight. She expressed immense gratitude for being able to provide her child with fortified milk.

Baby Formula - Nov 9-14 2023 trip.png

This mother and her family live in very poor conditions. At times, she has nothing to give to the children, and even for the adults in her household, having one meal a day is a significant challenge. The hardship is evident on her face, reflecting her sadness. When we provided her with food, she was deeply moved. Her gratitude fueled our desire to do much more for her.

This family needs so many things, but only by giving their lives to God can a miracle be performed. Although they are not believers, when they left and thanked us, they expressed that only God could have brought us to them. We pray to God for their lives!"


Pastor Yoleisy remarked that those children who had led them to the families in need, stayed with them throughout the whole day of ministry. We thank God for child-like faith!

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