Pastors have no pastors themselves. So often pastors are in need of someone who will provide pastoral leadership in their lives. Pastors suffer from the same difficulties as everyone else.  Pastors need care in the areas of family and church conflict, hurts, fears, addictions and other common problems. Our pastoring pastors ministry provides many opportunities for care throughout the nation.

The ministry began in earnest on August 24, 2005 with the following vision:

  • To care for, respect and love Cuban pastors, recognizing that each is called by God and is useful where God has placed him

  • To keep the lamp of God’s city from being extinguished (2 Samuel 21:15-17)

  • To create a venue where pastors can be intercessors in prayer for one other (Hebrews 13.7)

  • To understand that each pastor has feelings and struggles with the same issues as others in the congregation, despite the fact that they are expected to be perfect. Pastors argue with their wives, yell at their kids, suffer with their congregations, and are tempted like others. (James 5:17)

  • To engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of pastors. Satan knows that if he wounds the shepherd, the sheep will scatter. (Zechariah 13:7)

  • To guard against false doctrine (I Timothy 4:6; 4:16)

Pastoring Pastors gives pastors the opportunity to make friends who can share in each other's successes, victories and pain. Since its inception the ministry has had extraordinary experiences and achieved excellent results, expanding the Kingdom of God.  Hopeless pastors have been restored, and men of God have been able to stand firm with a renewed spirit and vision.

Regional events are held annually to provide pastors and their families a safe environment in which to meet, grow, heal, learn, share and network with other pastors.