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Our Stories | Fasting, Community Support, and Partnership with Cuba

The Cuban Church embarked on a profound journey throughout the month of January, guided by the theme "set apart" for the 2024 year. Our network of churches in Cuba embraced a collective period of prayer and fasting, delving into the depths of this spiritual discipline.

"As a body of the church, in an act of faith and mercy and through our own efforts, we have decided to go out into the streets bringing food to the needy, as Isaiah 58:7 says about true fasting, which includes sharing bread with the needy." - Pastor Carlos Alamino

This scripture became a radiant beacon, directing the focus of the Church towards a selfless and compassionate expression of God's boundless love. Venturing into the streets, bringing sustenance to those in need, symbolized a tangible manifestation of the fasting and prayer undertaken by our pastors—a living testimony of faith and mercy.

God's provision through the generosity of our partners allowed our brothers and sisters in Cuba to reach out to the needy, offering sustenance to those facing the harsh realities of food insecurity and utilize the opportunity to host worship services for them. The joint effort to lay resources before God, coupled with a fervent desire to align their actions with His will, forms the very heart of this special season of ministry. The impact of this shared commitment was evident on the faces of those who received the much-needed resources. 

This collaborative journey, marked by prayer, fasting, and sacrificial giving, exemplifies the unique beauty of ministry. It is a testament to the power of a united body of believers, set apart for a divine purpose in 2024. As we reflect on this heartwarming experience, we are reminded that God's work transcends geographical borders, uniting His people in a shared mission of love and compassion.

As we continue to walk this heartfelt journey together, may the spirit of generosity cultivated during this month of fasting and prayer resonate in our hearts, inspiring us to respond to God's call with open hands and compassionate hearts!

Want to embrace Cuba in 2024? Schedule a call with our staff or use our contact form to reach out!


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