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Our Stories | Scott Schwab and His Mission Trip to Cuba

When God Overcomes

After a career as a military courier, Texas-resident, Scott Schwab never imagined that an opportunity to travel to Cuba in any capacity would be a possibility for him. However, God had other plans in mind.

Mission Trips

In May 2023, Scott and several members of his church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas, joined Proclaim Cuba team members on a mission trip to Havana, Cuba. Scott recounts his amazement in finding himself in this place that was once forbidden to him.

evangelism mission trips Cuba

“In the military, I was a courier for top secret information, so I had a high, high, high-security clearance and there were certain places in the world that we were not permitted to go to like Communist countries.

Cuba was one of those that I wasn’t allowed to go to on vacation and wasn't allowed to go on any kind of trip. So, this opportunity to me is this confirmation of how God has taken me full circle to where I was serving myself, serving our country, and then what it meant to now begin to serve the Lord, and he opened up Cuba.

It was just amazing to be able to go to that particular country and see what goes on in life in a Communist country. It was also fascinating to me, how God was working on my journey one more time.”


Pushing up their sleeves and diving into evangelism and community support opportunities, Scott and his teammates participated in street evangelism drama performances in neighborhoods around the Havana area, helped in small construction projects, and also distributed medicines, food, and personal items that had been donated in the U.S. and brought with the team.

Many others have experienced the same joys by serving alongside other believers in Cuba. Already this year, 10 mission trips have been taken by people just like Scott. As a result, lives have been impacted both in Cuba and the U.S. As Scott summed up his time in Havana, he said, “You just feel a sense of peace when you're serving the Lord, and He's providing, and He's protecting you. You have that peace that's not about you, it's all about Him and what He wants you to accomplish over there.”

To hear the rest of Scott’s story, listen to our On Mission with Proclaim Cuba podcast Episode 30.

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