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reaching cuba for christ

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Most people don’t know there are 11 million Cubans, just 90 miles from the U.S. shore who struggle to survive every day and most have no hope. 
 Oppression and poverty have been their lives for over 60 years and millions have been denied the opportunity to hear the good news of eternal hope in Christ. 


For over 30 years, Proclaim Cuba has been impacting lives through the work of our diverse ministry divisions including: church planting, a seminary, children’s and youth ministries, women’s ministry, sports evangelism, and an art and worship institute.


Here in the US, we are an extension of those ministries and communities. We exist to help the pastors and leaders survive so those around them can grow in Christ and thrive. Through prayer, and by supplying humanitarian, financial, educational, and spiritual training resources we work to build up the body of Christ in Cuba. 


Today, Proclaim Cuba’s network of help and hope is growing. Every year churches are added to the network, thousands of students graduate from seminary classes, disciples are trained, and the gospel of Christ is shared.  Burdens are lightened, lives are changed and God is glorified because of Christ working in and through all of us at Proclaim Cuba.  

How Can I Help?

Care for cuba

We need your help!  Millions suffer every day in Cuba due to a lack of medications. Your support in creating awareness and sharing the need is so important in helping restore health in Cuba.  Join the movement and make a difference in the lives of many by donating to provide life-saving medications.

Visit our resources page for more information!

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“Our journey through the mission fields has been intense and fruitful. There has been salvation, restoration, and ministerial refocusing towards the reviving of the church. Thanks to all those who contribute so that we can continue the missionary work in Cuba.”


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  • 8 established churches

  • 11 mission churches

  • 645 seminary students

Western Region:

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