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Thank you for considering a donation to Proclaim Cuba, a ministry devoted to reaching Cuba for Christ. As believers, we know that there are many reasons why we should exercise financial generosity but we may not be aware of many methods available to give or the benefits. To help you explore these methods, we have put together a list of ways you can give and maximize the dollars you give. 


We are a 501c(3) non-profit charity established in the United States, with tax ID number 81-0998343. All donations are tax-deductible if your tax situation allows it. 

Online Gift - One Time
Online Gift - Monthly Recurring



You can easily and securely give one-time gifts online via Kindful, using credit/debit cards or an online ACH bank transfer.  When using a credit or debit card, we will give you the option of paying the processing fees.


Monthly donations help the the most because they allow us to plan better and provide consistent support to our network of pastors and leaders in Cuba. You can use the same Kindful web page to create recurring donations and you can use the same payment options.


A monthly recurring gift will continue until you request us to cancel it.


Donations by check and money order are processed at our lockbox, located at the address below. Please make checks payable to "Proclaim Cuba."  and include a letter with your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and donation amount.  NOTE: please do not use the word “Cuba” in the memo space as your bank will most likely flag it and not allow it to be processed. 

Please do not send cash through the mail.


Please mail your checks or money orders to:

Proclaim Cuba 

P.O Box 700752

Dallas, TX 75370


For large checks of $10,000 and over, please email to notify us of your incoming donation.


To move stock from your brokerage account directly to Proclaim Cuba, please contact us for account information. When the transaction is complete, please email so we can verify the transaction. Without verification, we are unable to issue a thank you letter and tax receipt.


Did you know two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies match employee gifts? This means your employer could double or triple your gift!  Some employers may place dollar limits and deadlines on charitable matches, such as Dec. 31. Check with your spouse’s employer too! 


Some companies match at rates of two or three times the amount given by an employee. Check with your HR department to find out your company’s rules and match rate.

Checks & Money Orders
Stock Donation
Employer Matching
If You Itemize



Note:  Speak with a tax or personal finance professional about the particulars of your situation, especially where taxes and retirement funds are concerned.


To count toward your current year taxes, you must make contributions by Dec. 31 of that year. In a standard year, people who choose to take the standard deduction cannot claim a deduction for their charitable contributions. But a special tax provision announced by the IRS now permits taxpayers to deduct up to $600 in donations to qualifying charities on their federal income tax return.


If you plan to itemize, you can donate mutual funds, cash, or other items before Dec. 31 to qualified charities. 


For example, you could donate a security and get the stock’s full value as a tax deduction, without paying capital gains.


Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are centralized charitable accounts. They allow charitably inclined individuals, families, and businesses to make tax-deductible charitable donations of cash, publicly-traded stock, and, in some cases, certain illiquid assets to a public charities.  They offer tax advantages of up to 60% of adjusted gross income and can hold funds indefinitely.

DAFs allow you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support your preferred causes. If you’d like to recommend a grant to Proclaim Cuba directly from your DAF, please see the links below:


Please contact us at if you have questions or if your DAF of choice is not listed.


Tax tip: If you are a US taxpayer aged 70.5 or older and you own a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) you must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year by December 31st and the distribution will count as taxable income. BUT, if you do not want the additional taxable income, you can direct the custodian of your IRA to do a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) of all or some of the RMD funds to a non-profit, like Proclaim Cuba, and the amount donated will not count as taxable income by the IRS. That is a win / win! 

Note: In order to benefit from the tax advantages of satisfying some or all of your RMD through a QCD the gift must come directly from your IRA custodian to us. We will be happy to help with any wire transfer information needed.


Call: (214) 233-5295 or Email:


You can support the future of the Proclaim Cuba ministry by making a gift in your will or other estate plans. A legacy gift costs you nothing now and can be changed at any time, for any reason. Once realized, your gift will be used by Proclaim Cuba to build up and support the body of Christ in Cuba.  


Legacy gifts are exempt from U.S. federal estate taxes. 


Sample text for a will:


I give, devise, and bequeath [the sum of _____ USD (or other currency) OR _____ percent of the rest and residue of my estate] to ELNAC (dba Proclaim Cuba tax identification number 81-0998343), a charitable corporation currently located at P.O Box 700752 Dallas, TX 75370 United States to be used for its general charitable purposes at its discretion.


To offset IRA taxes, one option is to give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified nonprofit by Dec. 31. This is also called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). Generally, a QCD is an otherwise taxable distribution from an IRA (other than an ongoing SEP or SIMPLE IRA) owned by an individual who is age 70½ or over that is paid directly from the IRA to a qualified charity.


I Like Giving by Brad Formsa 

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn 

Raising Charitable Children by Carol Weisman 

If You Don't Itemize
Donor Advised Funds
Qualified Charitable Distributions
Legacy Gift
Offset IRA Taxes
Recommended Generosity Resources
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