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  • Do I automatically have admin access as a Trip Leader?
    No. Our team will need to add you as admin to the trip. This gives access to funding, team member information, meeting management and trip details.
  • How do I log in?
    Follow link to login: (use login from application process). Select your trip in the list Get acquainted with your Dashboard
  • How to find my trip application page?
    Details > Navigate to “Event URL” > Copy & Paste to share
  • Can I change/update the trip cost?
    Yes. Details > (Right-hand side) Edit > Scroll down to Cost > Total Cost / Deposit Per Person REMINDER: Leader should send a message to the team member and let them know that their funding goal has been updated
  • Am I responsible for reviewing applications?
    Yes, Trip leaders should review applications and accept them: Applicants > Click on applicant profile > Actions > Accept / Deny / Withdraw
  • Does each member have to apply?
    All team members should go through the application process for each trip to ensure that we have all required information REMINDER: All applicants should save their username and password for future use.
  • Can I remove a team member from my event or move them to another trip?
    Yes, after they have been accepted as a team member. Team members > Click Profile > Scroll down (bottom two buttons on Left-hand menu) > Move Event / Remove
  • How to add a team member or leader without applying?
    You will need to bypass the application process Team Members > View Team Members > Actions > Add Member > Type in First and Last Name > If profile does not populate, click Invite A New Person and fill in details. REMINDER: This should be saved for church/org staff who are not attending the trip. All trip participants need to go through the application process.
  • How does each team member fundraise for their trip?
    Through their Personal Trip URL. Log into go.method account > click into your event > Team Members > View Team Members > Click Profile > (Top right-hand side) Locate “Personal Trip URL” and copy/paste link
  • Can Team Members see who has donated to their trip?
    Yes. Remind Team Members to look at their Donor list before the trip if they would like to write thank-you letters. All trip info will be archived from the system once the trip gets back. Donor list found under Funding section
  • When should I remind my team about funding goals?
    Two weeks prior to final payment due. Send a reminder email that they need to finish funding their trip. (GoMethod will begin sending reminders that their expenses are due) REMINDER: Funding milestones can be found at the bottom of the Details page.
  • What if a Team Member is having their trip funded by the church/organization or has a different fundraising goal?
    Funding goals for each team member can be edited under their profile Team Member > View Team Member > Click Profile > (Top Right-Hand Side) Funding Goal > Change funding > Change Balance > Update Goal REMINDER: Leader should send a message to the Team Member and let them know that their funding goal has been updated
  • What if trip donors want to use cash or check?
    All checks need to be made out to Proclaim Cuba. Address check to “Proclaim Cuba” Specify in Memo - Participant Name, Church Name, Trip Dates Send check to “P.O Box 700752, Dallas, TX 75370” REMINDER: To see a reflected balance on Team Member’s account, Proclaim Cuba staff must click on the team member profile> funding> add funds > Type in check info & save
  • Am I in charge of scheduling out meetings?
    Yes, trip leaders should schedule the following meetings for their group: Orientation (2mo-2 week before trip) Packing Party (Week of Trip) REMINDERS: Ensure that a Proclaim Cuba Team member and trip participants are available for your meeting times (If applicable) Determine whether or not a service group should be involved with packing party When setting up a meeting - Scroll down and click “Yes” to send updated details to team members Set a reminder “One week before”
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