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Our Stories | Rut's Youth Ministry Experience in Cuba

As a young person in Cuba, Rut understands the struggles experienced by a generation that is enduring some of the most difficult times in the nation’s history. The daily struggle for basic needs and the abandonment of so many family and friends who are fleeing Cuba points to a bleak future for the Cuban youth. The following is her testimony after attending our Youth Camp in Céspedes, in August 2023.

“!!️CONTAGIO 2023!️!️ RENOVATED! Without a doubt, one of the most impressive events of this year.

I am immensely grateful to God for the opportunity to participate in this camp, where God's presence became known. It was a time of blessing, of which I could say many things, but I do not want to focus this publication on myself and the things I could enjoy, but rather on what is noteworthy about this camp and my participation in the youth ministry. For me, the most shocking thing was to see that there is a generation that seeks God and longs to serve Him. I love knowing that there is a remnant of young people willing to put God's name on high in our country, young people who put aside the pleasures of life in order to please God, young people with a complete willingness to give up their dreams to serve the Lord, young people with a renewed understanding and good convictions clear, young people who believe and cling to God's promises.


Youth Ministry AND Mission trip

"A generation of fire," as stated by the Minister of Praise, Ariel. "Youth, passionate about the service of God," as Pastor Norlam said in his preaching. "Strong youth," as emphasized by the prophet Anay. "THE GENERATION THAT WILL BRING REVIVAL TO OUR COUNTRY," as said by Pastor Carlos Alamino.

youth ministry

I don't know what words have been prophesied over you, but I believe faithfully in what God has declared in His Word about me and my generation. I believe in what God has declared in His Word and what He will do in Cuba through us. I think something big is going to happen.

GOD IS PREPARING YOU, YOUNG PEOPLE, GOD IS EQUIPPING YOU AND GIVING YOU A PLACE AS PART OF HIS BODY... WE ARE ONE IN GOD, no matter what happened a few days or years ago, the important thing is that you can determine what you will do from now on... Do not miss the opportunity to serve because as His word says, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37).

It's true, you've been RENEWED, but renewed for what? So that you can prove God's pleasing and perfect will, so that you can serve and magnify His work, so that you may be a useful vessel of great honor in the hands of the true God. As for me, I am part of that generation, and I invite you to be too, to be infected with love and passion for God and to find delight in his service.

One thing is certain and that is that this mission trip allowed me to remember each and every one of the promises that God has made to me and has confirmed and reaffirmed my calling in the Lord, which allowed me to renew things I neglected and things I thought I had lost. Once again I say, THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL YOUR BLESSINGS!

Rut lives in Bayamo, Cuba where she disciples other young women through our BELLAS youth ministry. To learn more about how God is bringing hope to young women, click here.

youth ministry

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