Sports play a very important role in Cuban society. From a very young age, children play in the streets with homemade wooden bats and baseballs made of rags or with worn soccer balls. Since its beginning Proclaim Cuba has found that sports is one of the greatest tools to reach people with the Gospel, particularly during the time when speaking openly about God was not permitted.

Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commission, reaching Cuba and the nations with the message of hope, using sports as a powerful evangelistic tool to reach athletes, fans and families for Christ.

Our mission is to preach the gospel through sports, specifically through our national sport, baseball, and soccer.  We currently have 41 teams from all provinces involved in our baseball league.  We work with children, adolescents and adults, discipling new believers and involving them in local churches to watch over their spiritual lives. We train leaders and hold evangelistic crusades throughout the country.

Key statistics from our previous year of ministry:

  • 41 baseball teams with approximately 15 to 20 players per team

  • 750 families involved in discipleship programs

  • 243 professions of faith through our baseball programs

  • 55 professions of faith through our soccer programs

  • 7 re-dedications