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My heart is filled with satisfaction and gratitude as I present a glimpse into the impactful work and remarkable results achieved by God, through our ministry. What we share today is only a fraction of the victories bestowed upon us by the Lord, victories too numerous to capture in this limited space. We've faced challenges, yet the collective strength of our entire team in Cuba and our partners in the United States has allowed us to triumph over them. This work is not about individuals, but about the unity of the body of Christ coming together to accomplish God’s purpose.


Our focus has been on taking steps to implement more localized leadership and a new way of working and aligning our ministries with the four pillars which focus our kingdom work. This progress is a testament to the understanding our directors have gained about how God intends to work through us in this season.


A heartfelt thank you is extended to you, the donors and partners of Proclaim Cuba, for your unwavering dedication, that ensures our ministry has the necessary resources and showers us with love and friendship!


Above all, our gratitude resonates with our Heavenly Father, the orchestrator of all that transpires. To God be all the GLORY!

Carlos Alamino Sr.


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Click below to read more about our 4 ministry pillars and the work that we accomplish!



















In Segundo Frente, an impoverished remote community, 32 people received medical care on our bus. Among them, a desperate mother with a malnourished 4-year-old son, suffering from vitamin deficiencies, found relief and hope after receiving medicines and treatment. She not only saw her son's health improve but also embraced salvation, accepting Christ as her Lord and Savior.

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In the pursuit of our vision to spread the message of hope and faith in Cuba, we have been actively engaged in transformative outreach initiatives. The ripple effect of our efforts is evident in the staggering numbers:

9 revival events touching the lives of 9,000 individuals. 7,225 children embraced the teachings of Christ through our vibrant Vacation Bible School programs held in 80 congregations. 6,556 participants found inspiration and guidance in our sports clinics, and 356 pregnant women received support, care, and the gospel message.


Our commitment extended to reaching those often overlooked, with 288 men in 9 prisons experiencing the uplifting message of redemption, and 315 individuals finding solace and spiritual growth in our youth camps. The cumulative result of these endeavors has been truly awe-inspiring, with a total evangelistic outreach to 58,571 individuals. Even more heartening is the genuine revival that has taken place, as evidenced by 13,610 individuals who accepted the Lord as their savior.


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Desperate for help, Yonathan’s family reached out on facebook. in response, we provided the surgical equipment and support needed for his tracheotomy. After 3 months of battling Guillain-Barré Syndrome, including two cardiac attacks and ventilation support, Yonathan has shown remarkable resilience! Although quadriplegic, he is now beginning to regain movement in his arms and shoulders. The impact of our community support extends beyond the medical equipment, providing a compassionate lifeline for so many in real need.

With the help of our faithful partners, like Mission Regan, we are serving some of the neediest families on the island.  One of our mission teams delivered 500 pounds of medical supplies and 100 pounds of infant formula to Area Director, Pastor Yoleisy in Santiago de Cuba.  When Yoleisy asked the children of his church if they knew of any small children who did not have many resources, they immediately told him "Yes, sir, we are going to take you." They immediately led him to families in the community where he was able to provide the infant formula. One mother expressed deep gratitude as her nursing child was losing weight loss due to insufficient milk. Another mother, struggling to provide even one meal a day for her family, was profoundly touched by the assistance. A third family, although not believers, gave thanks and said, “Only God could have brought you to us.” We pray to God for their lives!

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Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, just as you are in fact doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11


The drive to build up our communities and connect with new partners led to bold ministry initiatives and first-time opportunities. Notably, in Havana, the inauguration of the first Equipping Center marked a milestone within our visionary 10-year plan. This incredible achievement was accompanied by the successful completion of 5 construction projects that have laid the groundwork for sustainable growth.


Through the 17 trips to Cuba in 2023, we delivered gifts of food, school supplies for Saturday Schools, 100,000 gallon water filters, grants to sustain our core network of 187 pastors and leaders, funds for flood relief, and over 4,000 lbs of baby formula, medicine, and medical supplies. Our medical outreach efforts reached a ministry high point this year, serving 5,702 patients with compassionate and transformative care.



Noris, once an idol worshiper, discovered the Lord through church attendance. Soon after embracing Christ and following her baptism, she received a Bible and is now joyfully immersed in worshiping Jesus. In a heartwarming turn, Noris has graciously opened her home to host a small group, creating a nurturing environment for studying the Word of God and guiding others in their journey of discipleship!

Leodan, Anthony, and Jesús, three young men from the Petrocasas community, found their way to Christ through the transformative impact of the sports ministry. Their shared passion for sports has led to a deep relationship with our ministry leaders, and has also become a catalyst for their eventual baptism. Acts of divine inspiration have even moved them to contribute their own sports equipment, which has played a crucial role in the community's discipleship initiatives. These young lives, touched by the grace of God, stand as a testament to the enduring impact of our discipleship-focused efforts, transforming individuals and communities for the Glory of God.

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Our commitment to embodying Christ's teachings goes beyond numbers. Vibrant youth and children's programs impacted over 3,000 kids in 2023, while almost 2,000 individuals deepened their spiritual journey in church disciple groups from revival events. The "Well" women's conference drew over 1,100 participants, and through our church planting movement, over 1,000 embraced the ways of Jesus. In addition, our sports ministry nurtured discipleship among 245 individuals.


In total, 13,834 believers actively grew in their faith, emphasizing both a numerical and a qualitative impact. These achievements highlight our dedication to cultivating disciples who follow Christ and actively spread His teachings. As we celebrate, our commitment remains firm in fostering a thriving community for every individual's journey toward spiritual maturity.


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“After the Timothy Initiative training this year in Santiago de Cuba, house church plants have had explosive growth for more than six consecutive months. Our leaders are all now intentional in making disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches.”


–Pastor Yoleisy

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In Santiago de Cuba, Director Deina Vázquez and her team trained 54 teachers from 33 churches for the Summer Bible School. In Camagüey, Marta López trained 180 teachers from 88 churches for the Summer School across 6 evangelical denominations. This impactful training led to 80 congregations successfully conducting Vacation Bible School, reaching 7,225 children, among whom 1,654 embraced the Lord. The dedication of Deina Vázquez, Marta López, and their teams has created a powerful legacy, ensuring a lasting spiritual impact on generations to come.

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Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better because it promises benefits in this life and in the life to come.

1 Timothy 4:8


For those seeking to train for godliness it is available! The Victor Legra Seminary enrolled 2,225 students in its 65 branches and graduated 74. Additionally, 1,300 pastors received training during conferences, and The Art and Worship Institute (ICAA) enrolled 86 students.


Great excitement surrounds the kingdom impact achieved by training 309 pastors and leaders every week through The Timothy Initiative. This program not only equips leaders, but also provides resources for a sustainable home church planting movement. The results are awe-inspiring, with 104 new house church plants welcoming 4,817 individuals into the fold of faith. This remarkable achievement propels us toward our goal of establishing 700 new house churches in the next 10 years!

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