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Our Stories: The Power of Testimony on the Anago/Bellas Trip

In the vast tapestry of mission work, some moments stand out, not just for their impact but for the profound connections they forge. The Anago/Bellas Trip to Havana from March 21-26, 2024, epitomized such a moment, weaving together threads of compassion, empowerment, and spiritual renewal.

Led by a collaborative effort between Anago Travel Tours and our Bellas ministry, this journey was not merely a mission but a binding together of hearts and souls. From the bustling streets of Havana to the serene shores of Bahia, the team of women, first-timers to Cuba, brought in 600 lbs of supplies comprising materials for National Bellas Camp and vital medical aids.

Yet, beyond the tangible provisions lay a deeper purpose – to foster unity and empowerment among the team members and the communities they served. As the trip unfolded, a sense of familial bonds emerged, transcending borders and cultures for the American and Cuban ladies. The ladies on the trip were not just visitors; they were embraced as Cubanas, empowered by the spirit to fulfill their calling in their own countries, and given an expectant invitation to return home to Cuba with their families soon.

Amidst high expectations for the conference, the team encountered unexpected challenges, including torrential downpours and power outages. Yet, amid adversity, the Spirit prevailed. Intimacy was fostered between teams as missionaries and leaders shared testimonies, prayed fervently, and bared their souls in vulnerability. In the darkness, the light of faith shone brightly, igniting hearts with the power of testimony, the preaching of the word, and the sound of voices raised in worship.

A poignant moment came when Anaya Vasquez, a 16-year-old member of the team, bravely shared her testimony of addiction and trial. Her courage opened the floodgates of vulnerability, as other Bellas came forward to share their stories, finding solace in the realization that their struggles were shared across cultures. This intimate exchange reaffirmed the importance of community in faith, reminding all present of the comfort found in fellowship with fellow believers.

This trip was a testament to the transformative power of openness to God's call and the sharing of personal stories, creating a culture of freedom that transcended geographical boundaries.

As we reflect on this remarkable journey, we are reminded that ministry is not just about what we do, but about the connections we forge and the lives we touch! Want to embrace Cuba in 2024? Schedule a call with our staff or use our contact form to reach out!

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