Created in the image of Our Creator, we were born to worship Him through art. Proclaim Cuba’s Institute for the Arts brings gifted professors and eager young students together to expand the Kingdom of God by sharing and nurturing the creative spark.

The Institute’s mission is to reclaim art, in all of its forms, as a talent given by God for His glory. God made man to worship Him. Proclaim Cuba joyously acts as a channel of collaboration with churches for the development of God-given gifts and talents for the expansion of His kingdom in Cuba and around the world.

In its short existence the Institue has already witnessed God’s blessings. Professors, some previously non-believers, have come to know Christ. Children, youth and adults have been able to express their God-given talents in a Christian atmosphere. Students without previous access to excellent arts education are now able to be taught by experienced professional artists. Lives are being changed and new opportunities for ministry are opening.

  • Music Theory

  • Vocal Performance

  • Piano

  • Guitar (acoustic, electric, base)

  • Trumpet

  • Percussion

Areas of training include:

  • Painting/Drawing

  • Sculpture

  • Acting/Directing

  • Acrobatics

  • Clowning

  • Dance