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ICAA (The Institute for the Arts) brings gifted professors and eager young students together to expand the Kingdom of God by sharing and nurturing the creative spark, the Institute’s mission is to reclaim art, in all of its forms, as a talent given by God for His glory.  

ADR (Adoradores del Rey) is our in-house music group, made up of 9 full-time employees, who travel around the island to lead our programs, events, conferences and crusades in worship.

(Institute for the Arts)

The Instituto Cristiano de Arte y Adoracion (ICAA) is a vibrant educational hub focused on nurturing artistic talents and fostering spiritual growth in students aged 8 to 25. With a dedicated team of 17 professors and 1 director, the institute operates in Cespedes and Camaguey with 95 students enrolled in 2024. Classes cover a diverse range of subjects, including art, music, singing, dance, acting, music theory, and instruments such as piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass. Specialized courses like "My Experience with God" and "How to Apply Music and Art to Ministry" aim to provide students with a holistic education that integrates both artistic and spiritual development. Your support contributes to the sustainability of this impactful initiative, helping provide salaries for employees, sheet music, instruments, and weekly meals for students!

Meet Juan Carlos, a police officer whose life took a profound turn when he gave his heart to Christ through our ministry. Driven by newfound faith, he courageously left his job, embracing a journey of spiritual and artistic growth by enrolling in our ICAA program. Today, Juan Carlos not only learns about the techniques of vocal performance, but also leads worship at his local church, embodying the transformative impact of embracing faith and purpose.

(Worshippers of the King)

Adoradores Del Rey (Worshippers of the King) is a dedicated worship band comprising eight members and one A/V specialist. This dynamic team plays a pivotal role in ministry events, conferences, crusades, and worship services across the entire island, eliminating the need to hire external music professionals. Your support goes towards covering salaries, instruments, and transportation costs, ensuring the continuity and impact of this integral ministry component.

Our own Executuve Director, Carlos Alamino, has a personal story with Adoradores Del Rey. As a young musician, Carlos found his entry point into personal connection with the church and serving local community through this worship band. This group not only changed his outlook on ministry but also laid the foundation for his career as a professional musician. The impact of Adoradores Del Rey goes beyond music, shaping lives and fostering meaningful connections.


Introducing the talented members of Adoradores Del Rey:


Jorge Cardoso Duarte - Electric Guitar

Jorge Manuel Villa Jiménez - Acoustic Guitar

Moisés Tavares Castro - Bass

Osmany Ruano Pérez - Drums

Yasmani García Ruiz - Director and Keys Player

Ariel Leiva Días - Lead Singer

Levi Dupont - Lead Singer

Jenipher González - Lead Singer

Eduardo Camp Lorente - Tech and Sound


Together, they bring their unique skills and passion to create powerful worship experiences throughout the island.

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