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Our Stories | Healing Hearts and Bodies in Santiago de Cuba

In January, Proclaim Cuba joined hands with Mission Regan and individual partners to extend a healing touch to the people of Santiago de Cuba. Dr. Cynthia and her team orchestrated a pop-up medical clinic, not only addressing physical needs but also providing spiritual care through prayer and evangelism.

One significant location where the medical missionary team made a profound impact was Iglesia El Evangelio Completo in the municipality of San Luis. Serving 37 individuals, the team went beyond medical attention, offering prayers that uplifted both the body and soul.

The compassionate outreach continued at El Evangelio Completo Church in the town of El Cristo, where 40 people received assistance, and five lives were given to Christ in professions of faith. The collaborative efforts of Mission Regan and individual partners, brought hope and healing to the community.

Below are snapshots capturing some of the impactful moments from the Medical Missionary Project in Santiago de Cuba:

As we reflect on these moments of service, we are reminded that true healing extends beyond the physical realm. The partnership with Mission Regan and the dedication of individual partners have proven that together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for being a vital part of this transformative mission, bringing both medical relief and spiritual solace to the beautiful people of Santiago de Cuba.

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