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Our Stories I The Power of Partnership: Cuba's Economic Crisis

1991 was a landmark year for the island nation of Cuba. Cuba’s economic existence since the Castro Revolution in 1958 was dependent on the partnership with the Soviet Union. Therefore, the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 had a profound and adverse impact on Cuba, which heavily relied on Soviet support through economic aid, trade, and subsidized oil imports. The Soviet’s political demise plunged Cuba into a severe economic crisis known as the “Special Period in Time of Peace.”

Cuba’s Economic Crisis in The 1990s

The loss of Soviet aid led to a significant contraction of the Cuban economy, a decline in industrial production, and widespread shortages of essential goods and services. Cuba faced energy shortages due to the abrupt halt in subsidized oil imports, forcing the country to adopt austerity measures and implement rationing programs. During this time of hardship, God called a struggling pastor in a small Cuban town into a partnership with Him to do what seemed impossible: win the nation of Cuba for Christ.

Now, 32 years later, that same pastor, Carlos Alamino, Sr., finds his island nation in an economic crisis that rivals the “Special Period.” Watch the video to learn how Pastor Carlos compares these two times of hardship.

Facing Cuba’s Economic Crisis 2023

Partnerships with individual donors, churches, and organizations like Mission Regan in McKinney, Texas, are making an impact and a tangible difference in 2023. Over 15 mission trips have been taken this year to supply clothes, school supplies, personal hygiene kits, medicines, and medical supplies to help those affected by Cuba’s current economic crisis. Proclaim Cuba’s Director of Development, Andrew Wischmeyer, explains, “A wonderful way to love the communities in Cuba is our community support pillar because there's always so much to do there regarding meeting physical needs. And we know that we can't meet people's spiritual needs until we meet their physical needs. It's been fantastic to see the teams we've been able to bring down and how they've been working together to minister to their community.”

To hear more about the impact of 2023 partnerships, listen to the On Mission with Proclaim Cuba Podcast Episode 33.

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